Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shuckin' in the Park

There is a park in our town and every year in the spring they hold an oyster roast (yum yum) event which is appropriately named Shuckin' in the Park. It's a pretty big deal...we love oysters in these parts and on this evening you pay a flat entry fee and get all the oysters you can eat. We don't go to socialize...no siree...oyster eating is serious business...SERIOUS business. We have our own monogrammed oyster knives and oyster eating gloves.

(Click here for info on How to Have an Oyster Roast)

A couple of years ago, my friend Ann and I were taking a walk through the park on Sunday afternoon after the Saturday night shuckin'. There is a boardwalk that meanders along the river. As you stroll you experience an abundance of wildlife and of nature's bounty. As we were nearing the end of the boardwalk, we rounded a curve and slowed down as we saw a young man snapping pictures ahead of us. We slowed...we didn't stop...and as we got closer we saw what he was photographing. First a pile of clothing and then his lady friend (wife, who knows) about five feet in front of him BUCK NAKED. She started shrieking and trying to cover herself as he motioned to us and said, "Oh, you can walk on by." My response, "Oh, I don't think so....GIVE HER THE CLOTHES!" in my best school teacher voice. Apparently this guy was a moron and the girl not a lot smarter...then again, maybe she was the moron...he wasn't naked in a public park in broad daylight. People take their children to walk around the park on Sunday afternoon.

The experience gave a whole new meaning to nature, wildlife and Shuckin' in the Park.


  1. THAT is funny. Shuckin' in the park indeed.

  2. sick or what? Geez, Either she wants to be the next pin-up girls or what. That was funny though haha! I can imagine her shock.

  3. That is a crazy story - HA! We have an Oyster Bake here also - we call it a bake (?). YUM!

    Take care - Kellan

  4. I am absolutely amazed at how some people behave. I was at the pool today and saw some outrageous behavior. I'm not sure if I'm becoming more prudish or if people are looser.

  5. Oh my, that is hilarious. How embarrassing for her but I guess she was asking for it if she was daring enough to doff her duds.

  6. oysters, wish i was there! i love oysters - yummy!!!!


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