Saturday, January 3, 2009


Confessions of a 40-Something Mama Queen....otherwise known as Tardevil, passed along a fabulous award to me awhile ago and I hope that she'll forgive me for saving the passing on of the love until after the holidays. NEWS FLASH...this just in...I'm also receiving this from lmerie at The Green Grass Grows All Around....I LOVE BLOGGING, I DO I DO I DO. I knew that my blog inspiration would start to wane and I wanted to be able to get people all excited again with some fun. There are others of you out there who I'm going to asking forgiveness of also...the passing out of other awards and tags is coming SOON!

Here are the rules...
1) Add the award image to your sidebar.
2) Copy and paste the rules and instructions in your post.
3) When posting on receiving the award, make sure you include the person who gave you the award and link it back to them.
4) Post 5 of your addictions.
5) Post 5 winners and link it back to them as well.
6) Let your winners know you gave them an award by leaving them a comment on their blog.

WOW...Five addictions...this will be a no brainer as I have about 500 addictions...

1. My fuzzy old warm red plaid bathrobe. Hank says that I'd better be searching for a spare as he is concerned that I might have some kind of spell if something happened to it.

2. Blogging...duh

3. The television show LOST.

4. Pepsi...but I'm about to beat this one.

5. Morning Joe on MSNBC...he just about aggravates the life out of me most mornings but I keep going back...

I've been having fun making new friends and catching up with old friends over the holidays...let's see...I'm going to pass this along to:

Belle in Bloom

Thank God for FRYdays

A Southern Accent

Are You Serious!

Southern Whimsy


  1. I can understand loving a bathrobe. I have been wearing a threadbare, navy blue robe for years. For Christmas, my husband presented me with a fluffy white robe. I am not sure I can wear it. It looks so pristine or something. To make matters worse, I noticed that my old robe is actually a man's robe. I must have stolen it from hubby years ago. The brand is Man-at-Home. Yikes, I bet your robe was at least intended for a woman!

  2. :) Congrats and . . . you should check out my site today - I passed a similar one to you too! It just doesn't have the list.


  3. Thanks for visiting me today and commenting on my sofa table post!! I was browsing through some of your older posts and I have to admit, when I do buy wine or other alcohol, it is for the "purdy" bottle only - my taste buds so don't know the difference - and I rarely buy it either! My DH teases me too - "you bought this for the bottle, right?"

  4. i like Lost alot too- its such an addictive show.

  5. Thanks for reminding me I need a new bathrobe; I am thinking a terry cloth one!

    Very cute it!

  6. Congratulations and Happy New Year!! :)

  7. Belle,
    Thanks for stopping by over at The Pauline Goat Ranchers blog :}
    I am always glad to see new bloggers stop by!
    Clemson draws a lot of people to see me and thats cool I don't mind at all! I am a student so I am All In and Solid Orange! Could I swipe your paw and have it for my blog too, I love it?

    Please feel free to pop in whenever you wish!

    As far as your bathrobe, I have "grumpy pants," they are my favorite sleep pants with Grumpy one of the dwarfs on it and they are soooo comfortable and...they are falling apart! Someone handed them down to me and they are made by Disney, well when they started to fall apart I tried to find some more and Disney doesn't make them anymore, sniff, tear!
    I love my grumpy pants!!

    Take care and again, thanks for stopping by!!


  8. Thank you sooooo much! Love it!

    Have a great day!

  9. Blogging has become my new addiction, ask my husband!

  10. Southern Belle, you are a HOOT! You keep that bathrobe and start looking on E-bay for the spare! We don't want you having a spell. Or a HISSY FIT as we "Belles" call them!

  11. Ok, I admit it, I'm not the sharpest SOUTHERN BELLE in the tool box but I don't know what to do. WHat award do I copy? The "Your blog is fabulous" or your"Southern Belle award"? Either or, I'm thrilled ! Just dumb and don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Does that mean I get ROBBED now of my great gift??? YIKES! HELP! OK, so the TRUTH is, I'm a RED NECK from ALABAMA instead of a refined SOUTHERN BELLE so I don't know! Give me some credit for telling the truth ??? HELP!


Please makes me HAPPY!