Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anybody Miss Me-Installment #1

I'm baaaack!  Was not away for any terrible just got in the way of blogging. Work...and work. More work.'s been more than six months since I posted my New Year's resoloutions. In a nutshell, we did yoga for three days and I didn't walk a single step on the treadmill. Pitiful!

I haven't lost a single pound...but I haven't GAINED a single pound so I'm considering that a victory all things considered.

The only resolution fulfilled is that we joined Second Presbyterian in March. It's such a loving and caring church home. I've joined the choir and had a fabulous time serving in the Tea Room two Saturdays during the Spoleto Festival in Charleston. I've even filled in for handbells a time or two. What a blessing to worship in such a beautiful place on Sunday mornings.  I'm taking a rare vacation day. Got to scoot to an appoinement. More later!  I hope you're still out there my friends. I've got a lot of blog reading to catch up on.


  1. Such a beautiful church! Welcome back!

  2. So glad you're back. Second installment don't make us wait!!! Tell about it all

  3. So happy to hear all is well with you! Welcome back!

  4. Beautiful church! I haven't been on blogger much, but I always love to hear about you!

  5. Yes I missed you! Glad you're back, and all is well.


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