Friday, November 16, 2012

Clemson Football: Military Appreciation Day

My camera has been acting up for awhile now but I was able to coax it into giving me a few good photos several weeks ago at the Military Appreciation Day ball game at Clemson. We haven't missed a home game this year...another reason for my neglect of the blog, I suppose.
The Military Appreciation game is my favorite of every touching.  Daniel Rodriguez is Number 83 and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor and a Purple Heart for his bravery. At halftime, the Clemson community honored the two pilots who provided air cover for Daniel and his unit during an ambush. We're proud of him!  OH...and we beat the mud out of Virginia Tech!

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  1. This is just another reason I LOVE being a Clemson Tiger!!


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