Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why I have been a bad blogger...

Answer...I haven't the slightest idea...just got into some kind of slump.

Best idea I have to get back in the groove is to give you some sort of random list of thoughts.

1.  Hank's retirement is going SO well. He is one happy camper and has gotten a big part of his honey-do list accomplished, including renovations to our kitchen in the way of the ceiling and appliances, replacement of the tired old heating and air system upstairs AND refinancing of our mortgage to a much lower interest rate. He's checking in on the little old ladies once a week, filled a couple of coolers with shrimp, AND killed the ten point buck that he's been after for awhile now. I rarely have to go into a grocery store and he's even working on his culinary skills.  Life is good.

2.  We've begun attending a new church...Second Presbyterian in Charleston. It's lovely, although they probably do not think we're so lovely as the fall of the year wasn't the smartest time to transition since we're in Clemson so many weekends. We'll redeem ourselves after Thanksgiving.

3.  School has been going well, although the local elections this year were a bit nerve wracking for reasons that I will not go into. In the end, all is well.

4.  Part of the reason, I think, I've been AWOL actually has to do with the elections. I got so weary of reading silly and/or mean things/opinions. Some people have some crazy ideas...I'll leave it at that.

5.  Legare is fine...traveling for work a fair amount. He says it's not glamorous because all he sees are airports and office buildings. Occasionally he'll be somewhere where he knows somebody and enjoys the chance to grab dinner to catch up. Last week he called as he was waiting in the airport for a shuttle to Washington. I inquired as to where he was staying and he said, The Hay-Adams. You know what...that sounds relatively glamorous to me. I was assured that he generally stays in a Hampton Inn but when traveling with a partner, one gets to stay where he or she stays. Like I said...sounds REALLY good to me.

6.  Lorelai is wrapping up her second semester of her Master's Degree program in School Counseling. As you may remember, she's been serving as a nanny for an adorable 2 year old and her equally adorable 6 month old brother. They are giving Miss Lorelai a run for her money. I ain't EVEN lying. We get a phone call with a new story every other day. It's rather amusing seeing two car seats in the backseat of her little Honda. Speaking of school, while she's ready to be out in the big world making money, she enjoys her classes and will be giving up the nanny business after the holidays because of her next semester class load, which includes the start of many MANY hours of field experience.

7.  Ned is fine. Mother and Hank's mother are mostly fine. Aunt Elizabeth is fine. Holidays; however, will be something else. Taking mother out of Green Grove, even for a few hours wears on everybody's nerves. She talks non-stop about the same thing over and over. Last week, Hank took all three of them to the farm for a few hours. Lots of cotton in our fields just now and mother went on and on and ON about how WHITE the cotton is. At one point, Elizabeth (always the southern lady) said, just need to calm down and stop talking quite so much. After awhile, Hank's mother chimed in...Victoria, cotton has ALWAYS been white. After awhile longer, Elizabeth, at the end of her rope, said, VICTORIA...FOR GOD'S SAKE...STOP TALKING SO MUCH!!!

God bless Hank...the afternoon was capped of with Elizabeth, deeply desiring to be in a "better place" than Mother and Hank's mother, insisted on helping to straighten up the house and lock up.  Hank looked over to find her trying to lock the door with her Green Grove room key from around her neck. To her credit, she realized her mistake before he had to say anything. Later, as he walked her back to her room, she said, I'm sorry for misbehaving.  Mother, on the other hand, was still talking about the white cotton.

Upward and onward my friends...hope somebody out there is still ready. Hopefully, this post marks my return to blogland.


  1. I was thinking about you the other day and here you are! I do "see" you on FB though.

    I must ask, did Hank shoot the 10 point shortly after the visit to the farm with the ladies?? Ha!

    Everything sounds good on your end. Isn't it nice when we see our kids thrive as adults?

    I was always told by my mother that if I don't have anything nice to say, keep my mouth shut so I did on this election year. We don't always agree but that is why we are a great country, because we don't have to agree.

    Have a wonderful week!!

  2. I'm in a slump too!! I'm glad to read that your family is well...always like to hear about your Mama:) We are at the stage of looking at options for Mama...Assisted Living/Nursing Homes. As you know, it's not easy. I'll be traveling up to Georgia after Christmas and hopefully staying with her in her home for 3 months. Hopefully.

  3. Hey There! Welcome back! I am glad to know that all is well with you and yours. The holidays are upon us and I look forward to hearing about your preparations and celebrations. I have been in a slump or funk...whatever they call it...for the past few weeks and your blog update brightened my day. It is like sitting down and having a visit with you.


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