Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet Rest, Resolutions, and Random Thoughts

Happy Do Nothing Day was a wonderful success, followed up by an equally impressive Happy Do Just A Little Bit More Than Yesterday Day. Today is Happy Piddle Around Day. A little cleaning, a little shopping, a little blogging. Hank and I are going to begin YOGA today. I took a class for a short time some years ago and felt SO relaxed and clear-headed, which for me is saying something.

Lorelai left this morning for New York...Legare is coming in tonight for the long weekend.

I am SO thankful for a few days of vacation!!

I'm not a maker of resolutions...has always seemed like a way of setting myself up for failure. For whatever strange reason; however, I feel like making a few for 2013....not firm on them yet but am pondering the following:

1.  Work will not rule my life.
2.  Work will not rule my life.
3.  Work will not rule my life.
4.  Work will not rule my life.
5.  Work will not rule my life.

I'm NOT kidding...I'm seriously considering 1 through 5 above.

What are you considering???

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  1. I have so many...of course the one at the top of EVERYONES List...lose weight! Closely followed by exercise more, but then number three conflicts...becuase its to eat whatever I want, lol! Lifes too short to not enjoy the good stuff!
    All the best to you in 2013!


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