Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well...I'm Going To Try This Again, Folks-WELCOME ME BACK TO BLOGGING!!

Lordy, do I miss blogging. I am going to REINVENT "Life of a..." in 2014. Yes, Indeedy, Do!

How are YOU??  I've not blogged and I've not been reading. When Google Reader went away I got completely confused. Tell me...what are you using to keep your blog reading organized?  PLEASE TELL ME.

We are fine. Legare is fine. Lorelai's housemate, well now former housemate, Candice married the love of her life last night up in Anderson, so Hank and I road tripped up that way on New Year's Eve afternoon and came home this morning. It was the sweetest eyes must have filled up with tears ten times. (This crying thing is a new phenomenon since I turned 52 back in October...Hank doesn't quite know what to do with me.)

Candice and Lor have lived together for two years but now husband Jesse is moving in and Lor has moved to an apartment. Candice's family lives locally and they have been SO GOOD to Lorelai. It was a true blessing to Hank and me (who just swoop in from four hours away for home football games) to know that the Bagwells were keeping an eye on her.

Looking back at last year's goals, we didn't do yoga more than five or six times and I didn't lose any weight. But I didn't GAIN any weight so I count that one as a victory.

This year I only have two be more thankful...more grateful...for the many blessings God has given to us. And to slow down...when I tell people that I do not let my job rule my life...well, I'm telling a WHOPPER. I am going to FB and Tweet my "thankful fors" as often as possible...and share here as well.  I really look forward to catching up with all of you.

SO...for today...

This morning, on Facebook, I posted...I am thankful that we had the privilege of being a part of the Bagwell Godfrey wedding...each person there came away truly blessed. And that we got to meet the entire Bagwell family, who have been so kind and loving to our Lorelai over the past two years.

And tonight...with the photo below...I am thankful for a roaring fire, this cozy quilt (made by my Grandmother Mason and Aunt Zoie some 70+ years ago) and most especially my kind and patient husband. And I DO mean patent!!


  1. Good to see you! Happy New Year!
    I use Bloglovin to follow my blogs, it wasn't hard to transfer all that I was following on google reader.

  2. Welcome back!!!!! I sure did miss you and your family. I check daily to see if you blog and was thankful to see 2014 dates! Thank you!

  3. Welcome back! I use Bloglovin as well. Super easy.

  4. Welcome back! I use Bloglovin to read blogs. When I set it up, it was able to transfer my google reader blogs to its feed, so it was pretty easy!

  5. Welcome back to blogland! I have been away as well but intend to blog more in 2014. My beloved Jake passed away in July so I just don't feel right blogging at Lindanjake anymore. I'll more thank likely be blogging at The Eclectic Attic.

    I use Bloglovin. It was an easy transition.


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