Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Do Nothing Day

Hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas Day.  I always admire and am a little jealous of folks whose holiday goes without a hitch. Ours never does...not actual Christmas Day anyway.

Christmas Eve was great...relaxing. Dinner at Peninsula Grill with our children and Lorelai's beau, Beau. Good food and fun...although I probably had a little more "fun" than I should have. Thankfully, I'm even MORE delightful after a couple of the Grill's southern manhattens with those little brandy soaked cherries, IF you can imagine. To top it all off, Legare grabbed the check from Hank and declared the entire evening his treat.

Mother's family all convened at Green Grove for dinner at noon on Christmas Day. There were 30 of us and it was as pleasant as Christmas dinner in a nursing home could be, I suppose. Both mother and her sister Elizabeth appeared mostly dazed and confused but we, the family, did the best we could under the circumstances.

All the more reason, my friends, to declare today Happy Do Nothing Day. In this world, there is rarely rest for the weary (or wicked, as the case may be). I slept late...VERY. Ate left over Creme Brulee for breakfast. Have NO intention whatsoever of putting on any make-up or clothing other than sweats...with warm socks and NO shoes. And watching TV. And catching up on blogs. And maybe taking a nap. Hank is going hunting...only a few days left of the season. Lorelai and her beau, Beau are headed to NYC in a couple of days to shop a bit and spend New Year's Eve with her best friend Amanda.

Legare will be back in town with friends in tow for New Years. Hank and I will declare New Year's Eve to be another Happy Do Nothing Day and flop down in front of the TV to watch our Tigers play in the Chick-fil-a Bowl.

I leave you with a few photos...I particularly love the one of our family. Seems like we only get a family photo once a year at Christmas.

Lorelai and Beau


I insisted that the "children" go outside and leave oats for the reindeer. One of them threw oats in my hair...I suspect Legare, as his facial expression implies that he is more than pleased about something!
 Ned came home with us to spend Christmas night. We took him for his first trip ever to Starbucks. He's a convert!


  1. Great info, thanks for posting. If you are looking for a portable grill & deep fryer then you really shouldn’t look any further. This thang rocks!

  2. Great family photo ~ you all look fabulous! I love Do Nothing Day and to show my support, I celebrated with you! It feels so nice not to have the demands of a crazy schedule. I may *need* to celebrate this day once a month :)

    Wishing you a very happy and relaxing new year!

    1. Ditto to what Jo said and thank you for *osting! I've checked daily since your last *ost. You are my favorite southern gal blog!!!

      (*my letter between o and q isn't working!)

  3. Nothing better than a "Do Nothing Day"!! Great family pics too!


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